How to reach Sringeri

Sringeri is a serene and picturesque pilgrim center in the plateau of the Western Ghats. Situated on the bank of River Tunga in Chikamagaluru district, Karnataka state, It is about 96 Km from nearest railway station, be it Birur or Shimoga. It is 107 Km from Mangalore on the west coast.

There are buses frequently plying from these places to Sringeri. Buses also run between Sringeri and Bangalore, which is about 320Km south east of Sringeri. Though arduous, the journey is enjoyable through the undulating hills and thick forest. Sringeri is also close to other pilgrim center such as Udupi, Subramanya and Darmastala.

All vexations of the road are forgotten once you reach Sringeri. The enchanting scenic beauty, the refreshing bath in the cool waters of the Tuga, Darshana of Goddess Sharada, and the gracious blessing of Acharya leave you with sublime feeling. The matha maintains a Darmashala and several guest houses for visitors convenience.


The nearest airport is - Mangalore.


The nearest railway station is Birur on the Bangalore - Pune Railroad.


Sringeri is well-connected by a network of roads. There are buses to Sringeri from Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shimoga, Birur, Agumbe and other places in Karnataka.

Where to stay

Sringeri offers excellent tourist accommodation and you can find maximum pleasure and comfort while at the disposal of any one of the Tourist Hotels. There are numerous Budget Hotels, Four Star Hotels and Three Star Hotels in the city of Sringeri.

Enjoy a comfortable stay while on a Tour to Sringeri at the hotels in Sringeri, offering a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity. Some of the major hotels in Sringeri are Travelers' Bungalow, Temple Guest House, P.W.D. Guest House, etc.

Food in Sringeri: Foods are really mindblowing, Temple of sringeri itself offers you free food all 3times a day. And even you can have foods near by hotels by paying. Worth for all reason.

Best Time to Visit Sringeri

To Plan and travel to Sringeri, the best time to visit is between the months of October and March. But sringeri is that place which you can go any time in a year because of its thick forest and beautiful landscape.

Languages: Kannada and English

Petrol: Chikkamagalur is the best place to fill your fuels and travel ahead to sringeri for safer side.