Amrutheshwara temple at Amruthapura

Amruthapura is bout 10 Kms from Tarikere, this little town has an 800-year-old temple dedicated to Amrutheshwara. Amruthapura is situated 67 km north of Chikamagalur Town of Karnataka - India. The place is 110 km from Hassan and 35 km from Shimoga on NH 206.
The Amrutheshwara temple

Amruthapura is known for the splendid Amrutheshwara temple. The temple was built in 1196 by Amrutheshwara Dandanayaka (commander) under Hoysala Veera Ballala II. Located in the close vicinity of the Bhadra River Reservoir, a short distance from Tarikere town, this is a tranquil spot.

The Amrutheshwara Temple is almost close to the Viranarayana Temple at Belavadi in size and structure. Scenes from the Epic Ramayana are sculpted on the south side wall on 70 panels with the story proceeding anti clockwise which is unusual.

On the north side wall, all depictions are clockwise, the normal Hoysala style. 25 panels depict the life of Lord Krishna and the remaining 45 panels depict the Epic Mahabharata.

Ruvari Mallitamma, the famous Hoysala sculptor and architect started his career here working on the domed ceilings in the main mantapa. The large stone inscription near the porch is an excellent example of medieval Kannada poetry composed by the famous poet Janna.